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All that glitters… is my skirt

Door Tiany op 23.10.2011

I've had this skirt for ages and just totally adore her, I managed to score her about 5 years ago during a stocksale and it has attended a couple of parties but after a while you just have to figure out ways to use glitzy party wear on a more regular base. So the best way to down-dress your party gear is to wear it in layers and pair it with sweaters and let's say boots. But as the occasion was the C&A fashion show I decided I could go bling all the way in my gold lamé skirt.

Totally hot and still fancy... this Day by Birger & Mikkelsen jumper which I combined with even more bling: my gold flower chain necklace.

RAHHHHHHHH, it's me the hairy gold skirty bear... NOT, have  you ever seen a bear in the near surroundings of Brussels - Gent or Antwerp? Thought so...


The famous duffel coat is like a wardrobe staple and after having searched for ages I bumped into this lovely exemplar by Dondup... you won't see me having a cold time this winter!

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