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Introducing: Lulu Frost

Door Tiany op 14.10.2011

By now you know that I'm a sucker for statement jewelry (check my Dannijo post) and there's this American designer that has got me sizzling. It's totally wicked, original, a bit oversized and very vintage inspired. What else can a girl's heart wish for? So dear readers, let me introduce you to yet another brand that will enrich you and at the same time make your bank account go into total despair... Well, I guess you only live once and in my case I'm just working on my legacy in the hope my girls one day will want to use their mom's vintage what ever. 

Lulu Frost not only sounds romantic, but looks as if it was found in some beautiful little jewel box in some forgotten attic chez la great great grand mommy.

The brand is the precious invention of Liza Salzer and it has been on my mind quite a while ever since I contemplated the looks of it on I totally went banana's when I touched some Lulu Frost in the amazing Sucre store in New York and I really could not resist this specific necklace but decided it would make me even more happy to see the face on my very special friend by giving it to her as a b-day present... Miss E. I'm still wishing to lend it though!

During my past trip to New York, I only had the time to indulge into some Lulu Frost for J Crew and bought myself two bangles, which I urgently need to wear in some kind of outfit post. I just solemnly promised myself to pay the Sucre store  a visit during my next trip to New York in November... I can officially state... that I'm intending to go LULU wild!

ohhh yeah... also very genius are the golden number rings available here. Good luck resisting!

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