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Introducing: Dream and Awake

Door Tiany op 13.10.2011

Besides showing off my booty in sometimes what seems to be quite narcissistic photography, I also enjoy losing myself on the net and bumping into amazing brands that are totally worth sharing. So ladies & perhaps gents... let me introduce you to the amazabelles Dream and Awake dresses. So I guess it's kind of vintage, as the Swedish designer behind this great concept SELECTS COLLECTS and REVIVES/RETHINKS (as in adapt or revamp) pretty little dresses from all over the world. Amanda Ericsson just believes that everything old can be reinvented into something new.

The results are unique and fresh but with a lovely taste of vintage and ecological all the way. Call it vintage with a twist of now: a match made in heaven don't you think?


Prices are ok, not the cheapest and totally not comparable with the great bargains you can find at Think Twice 2nd hand during their 1 euro day, but well...really affordable and I mean effort  & artistry are put into these items. Besides when the catch is pretty you just pay the price. So yes I like muchos, muchos!


Euhm, how should I say? I'm guilty as hell and oops I did it again, I just couldn't resist the Marni-ish dress and this crazy pineapple blouse... it was love at first sight and in the name of 'research' ( I mean somebody has to see if it's as good as it looks, right?) I just entered my Visa coordinates again... arghh!

Check out the love Dream and Awake site here

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