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Clothes & the mini-me’s

Door Tiany op 28.09.2011

Yes, I admit... I'm totally obsessed with clothes. My affection for fashion must have started somewhere in my very early childhood when I invented all kinds of new styles for my always willing Barbies & dolls. Guess things haven't  changed a bit as I now am the very proud owner of 2 beautiful personal models made of flesh and bone and totally into each and every outfit I try to dress them in, sometimes I just wish I could wear all the mini-me gorgeous looking dresses & co myself.

The Mini- Me's

So let me introduce you to Yelena & Eloise, my favourite dress up dolls,  looking too cute to be real in the amazing All for Children Collection by H&M which will be in shops Thursday the 29th in Antwerp and Brussels. Even more good news, because by buying this very pretty collection you will not only make your kids look adorable but 25 % of the income will be donated to UNICEF, which will offer less fortunate kids in Bangladesh a better future. Fashion with a heart and affordable for mothers with a fashion addiction... greatest news ever, I'd say!

I've got girls and can only show you what the little lady collection looks like, but All For Children by H&M has got some wicked styles for little men. There's also a whole range of cute little toys & games such as Memory, a lovely little bear -outfits included- and a cute little book.

Adorable little scarf, I might wear this one myself!


Little Miss Yelena, totally in love with her kitty bag.

Hellooooo H&M, what the helsinki happened with the All for Mommy version of this flowery dress? Maybe if I buy 6 of these I might be able to reproduce my size? Anybody good with thread and needle?

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