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The preppy side of me

Door Tiany op 09.08.2011

Sorry, still not entirely ready to be part of the working rat race and that's why my posts come with a slight delay...

So yes there is a preppy side to me, there has always been one as I just adore evergreens and traditional style as long as it's given a twist and a personal touch. So yes again, I was totally head over heels when I heard the Tommy Hilfiger news. The American brand very much known for it's fashionable & classy style was said to travel the world with a unique pop up store totally dedicated to a preppy way of life. Even better news hit me when the Americans decided to end their wonderful tour in Knokke - Belgium.

And so past Friday the cute little Tommy Hilfiger house arrived in Knokke and truckloads of journalists and bloggers gathered together to celebrate the ultimate state of preppiness.

The loveliest boutique in the entire city of Knokke will be open until August 15... you should check it out!


Glam*it's Els Keymeulen en Dimitri V (pic thanx to

Preppy Blog attack

The Preppy Me in top to toe Tommy Hilfiger


Ohh in case you were wondering if I bought something... I plead guilty. I could not resist this beautiful striped skirt that turned out to be vintage (because yes, preppy is all about classics and thus Vintage), most probably very soon to seen in an audacious Kirilove combination... 

pics by Filip De Smet

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