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My Hoss Intropia

Door Tiany op 26.07.2011

One of my all time favourite brands is the Spanish Hoss Intropia, I've been hooked on this brand for ages and after years of having to score it in Barcelona or LDN, it was fully introduced in Belgium with a small flagship store in Gent, which is really great! 

I managed to score this dress a couple of years ago in Spain and I really think it's a timeless piece. I adore the pretty & frilly yellow collar that just makes it a bit more special. I started re-using it for the 2011 edition of the Stiletto Run and have worn it a couple of times ever since... Hope you like it! And really you should go and check out the Hoss shop in Gent, it's adorable...

-Hoss Intropia dress

-Zara army blazer

-S. Oliver gladiator shoes

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