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My Amsterdam Fashion Week outfit behaviour

Door Tiany op 17.07.2011

It was kind of a challenge, baring the monsoon of past thursday which had you totally wet within seconds. I mean, try being pretty and portrait perfect when your complete coiffure has been showered away, when your feet are soaking wet because you had to run and couldn't see the puddle of water in front of you and when you come to realize that waterproof make-up does not include surviving some heavy precipitation... Do you somehow get the picture? 

Only crazy people leave their homes to confront such weather conditions. But yes, I'm a die-hard fashionista so I just did what a woman had to do. I must admit it was quite a challenge and even more when upon arrival you come to realize that your luggage is exaggeratedly packed with amounts of breezy dresses, strappy sandals and no wool... bollocks...

So I sacrificed myself to a rainy shopping adventure and returned with Prada raffia ballerina's (extremely not waterproof) and a pair of palazzo's... at least something to cover me up!

The results my dears, were luckily snapped by the lovely Joyce of as I was too blown away to even remember the meaning of an 'outfitpost' picture.

-White Vero Moda top

-Flowered Topshop Kimono

-Blue French Connection palazzo's

-Tommy Hilfiger shoes

On Friday the weather conditions took a complete other bending and the sun shone over Amsterdam making it possible to just bare some leg. After attending the Hunkemöller lunch, I took a stroll along the Amsterdam 9 straatjes with BFF's Anne from Elle & Els from Glam*it (I'll be soon posting my shopping recommendations).

We ended our visit to Amsterdam with the hot n'steamy Hunkemöller show looking like this...

-Vintage baby blue skirt

-Blouse -unknown-

-Sessun belt

-Dries Van Noten shoes

-Christian Dior silk scarf

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