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Party Hardy at Forever 21

Door Tiany op 30.06.2011

Oooh yes, I felt like Forever 21 again and I blame it on the hot n' sweaty vibe that filled the venue of the Forever 21 party yesterday night. 

Brussels - Anderlecht - 21 hours: as I hand over my car keys (valet parking: how cool is that), step into the venue, catch a lucky duck (yes, that means goodie) and mingle with the happy few invited to the party celebrating the so long awaited arrival of THE fashion for less temple.... I start feeling 12 years younger. OMG, can't believe I just wrote that down and just can't believe the years have passed by in a flick! 

The party was a blast, filled with pretty dressed ladies (blog beauties and all kinds of lovely girls), nice things to munch on, some very alcoholic beverages (danger and no thanx, I'm driving) and the amazing vibes of Teddiedrum, which from now on, I'll love even more...

Hello gorgeous: Annebeth, Afrodite & Kim P

I've been a fan of the American shop for ages, as they offer real affordable goodies  and new stuff each and every week. They 'll be landing in Brussels on July 30 and very soon after that, they will open a huge shop in Antwerp... fashion galore it will be and in the meantime I'll just leave you with some pretty pics of last night. More to come very soon and also my very own Forever 21 outfit, which was around my body last night.


Models and their catch

Pretty Miss Lies & the palm trees

Oona Nathalie & Shira

Pretty ladies!

Having some fun....

Party feet... at the end of the night!

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