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For the love of vintage: another webshop to adore

Door Tiany op 24.06.2011

Let it be said that Etsy is one big amazing place to be when haunting for some lovely vintage. However, you can helplessly get lost and in a wink have spent a whole evening just clicking and not making any decisions on what to get. So I bumped into a lovely webshop selling a great selection of vintage stuff and some pretty new creations. I couldn't bare to keep the secret all to myself, so for you ladies that are all about vintage goodies that make you look slightly different from the whole wide world, here is my brand new discovery I'd say enjoy the hunt and check it out as soon as you can, as every single piece has a 50% discount ....

Wishlist material Dresses

Ohhh and just wanted to share just another of my vintage hunts. I bought this lovely flowery dress in Arnhem and it has been a great pleasure to wear.

-vintage dress

-Stussy belt

-P&S bracelet

-Frida shoes

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