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Clientology & the striped me

Door Tiany op 17.06.2011

Antwerp has finally got it's very own Clientology hairdresser andyou don't have to take my word for it, but I'm pretty much hooked. To start of with, it's not your ordinary type of hairsalon, the venue is just fabulous and the interior design pretty cozy & ultra stylish (all credits to the fab design team of Gleen Sestig, who is practically restyling every amazing boutique in Antwerp) . Clientology is all about natural products and an extreme friendly and pampering service. It's an all zen philosohpy using great bio products such as Pureology and Nioxin and combining it with a stylish way of life.

So I attended the opening and could not resist getting spoiled... Picture this: a back rub while having your hair washed, a hand massage while having your hair brushed and loads of lovely scented natural products that have your hair feeling soft and looking all glossy and healthy.  Besides me, myself and I, a whole pack of well known Flemish celebs were invited to celebrate the brand new shop opening. Food and drinks were served and I must say I particularly enjoyed munching on some very mini burgers and sipping some of the lovely cava presented to us by 'Het Gebaar' aka one of the best resto's in Antwerp City.

I'm quite sure I'll be visiting Clientology very soon again, as they have this Brazilian Blow dry thing that is said to leave your hair soft and very manageable... you should know that I actually have the fluffiest hair ever and that it always needs some professional taming, which I don't manage to get on a weekly base and explains the various knots on my head...

Jochen & Selda... the founders

Bio make-up by NVEY

Pretty Shoes & mini burgers

Lovely Tanja celebrating her 1st year as a mommy - Happy B-day Valentina

And the striped me

-Dries Van Noten blue top

-COS belt

-Essentiel skirt

-Kipling by Stylescrapbook bag

-Prada sandals

-Acces fluo bracelet and Mykonos Blue Hermès Cab bracelet

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