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Totally hooked on World Family Ibiza & Kiboots

Door Tiany op 14.06.2011

I'm not pretty sure of what's gotten into me lately, but I'm totally into native/ navaho/ hippy inspired stuff and surfing along the world wide web, I accidently bumped into the awesome collection of World Family Ibiza, which is all about ethnic embroideries, ornaments and handcrafted goodies. It's this entire family and one family business, living on the Spanish party island of Ibiza and manufacturing nothing but lovely bags, some belts and lately also some cute little vests.

The World Family Ibiza

I also bumped into quite an amazing amount of navaho jewelry on etsy, but sleepy me, i just forgot to save these webshops, so I'll have to get back to you soon on that one. However I did save the link to the most amazing boots ever. Let me introduce you to Kiboots, a Dutch invention which combines handcrafted leather boots with 2nd hand Kelim carpets, unique and one of a kind. 

Imagine yourself wearing these during festival season... great indeed! You can buy your pair of Kiboots online here and they cost about € 180, which I think is quite democratic for the handcraft and uniqueness that is put into a pair of these lovely boots. 

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