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The mesmerizing Abercrombie & Fitch experience

Door Tiany op 24.05.2011

One might not entirely understand the craze about US iconic brand Abercrombie & Fitch and to tell you the truth I wasn't a big believer until now, as I couldn’t totally associate A&F with my definition of fashion. They don’t define trends or invent them, they don’t even follow trends or mind hypes. They just continue to stay true to their own heritage and the many things they are very good at… nothing wrong about that.

So, I got invited last week to Paris to be part of the very first opening of A&F in France (as it is very soon coming to Brussels) and after two days of Americana way of life I must recognize the experience is quite fascinating and it involves a truckload of pretty looking people, which is honestly very much appreciated when you’re on a photographic mission.

To start of we were introduced to the most mind boggling store I have ever seen in my life, I kid you not and I have seen a lot! This A&F temple is housed in an amazing & grand historic building on the Champs Elysées. Three stories high packed with A&F delights (yes I’m certainly also referring to the gals that work there) and totally in the DNA of Abercrombie & Fitch: dimmed lights, beats bursting out of speakers, fresco’s of shirtless male bodies indulging in all kinds of very sportive activities,  the very addictive and sensual scent of Fierce (the house fragrance) and of course the ever so pretty boys & girls that have young teenagers drooling & dreaming about becoming one of them.

Yes, along the way I have become totally enchanted by the whole A&F hype and I trully got completely fascinated by the hordes of people that cued up to experience the opening of the store. I found myself really enjoying the preppy blazers, cute & flowery dresses and the incredibly soft fleeces and I  witnessed the attendance of many pretty girls that were there for the sole purpose of having themselves photographed next to the ever so iconic shirtless model.

By the way a very interesting strategy: while the entire fashion bizz is on a trip of exploiting the female body on billboards and co… A&F have always portrayed attractive young men that attract the PYT’s of this world and subsequently attract other young and attractive looking boys… now that I call marketing…

"Do you think the heavens will drop us one of those angels, quoi?"

Sorry, no pics in store allowed… guess it’s part of the experience, you just have to go and check it out yourself… but I honestly promise you, that you will not be disappointed by the grandeur of the amazing Parisian shop.

Suddenly moms find it interesting to buy clothes for their teenagers...

The very important polaroid/shirtless model experience...girls que to just get one of these!

And what about the reviews? A&F pr having their ray of light.

Hang on in there or book yourselves a ticket to Paris, however A&F is coming to Brussels and will overwhelm you with the experience from December 2011 on.

Lucky me I was offered a stay at Hotel Le Sers, nearby Avenue Montaigne... danger, danger and the dammage done... to be continued!

Moi, the macarons to welcome me and my selected footwear for the A&F stay... comfy and chic...

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