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The extended life of the party dress

Door Tiany op 17.05.2011

The female specieas appears to have this twist of mind that prohibits her to attend a party in a dress she has worn before. Or maybe it's just my crazy fashion brain that just provides me each and every time with a brand new excuse to shop a new frock specially dedicated to that one party.

I hereby present you to the flowery strapless dress, worn once during this very lovely wedding party in the south of Spain... in my opnion, way too pretty to no longer see the light of day and that's how I decided I had to reinvent my party wear collection. I found a Tiany matching solution that includes a t-shirt, a studed belt and my all time favourite combo of socks and strappy sandals. Hope you like it and hope it makes you run off to your closets and make you find a way to have your party dress work overday.

Showing you these pics, just reminds me of how funny it would be to offer you the making off: imagine a tripod, a camera and only 10 seconds to put yourself into position before the click.... I don't know how you guys manage when it comes to outfit pictures, but really running on heels over a sandy surface is not quite my definition of glamour toujours... 

-Marni Flower dress

-Zadig & Voltaire shirt

-Stussy belt

-Rue Blanche socks

-Marni sandals

-Etrocha necklace

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