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The Surface 2 Air wedges

Door Tiany op 11.05.2011

I'm not quite sure when Parisian-brand-to-adore    Surface 2 Air started making it's wedges, but the truth is I've been adoring them for ages. The first time I spotted them was on the S2A online shop, I didn't even have the time to hesitate or the wedges were gone, gone as in very gone. 

They appeared to be an instant hit amongst the Parisiennes (Garance Doré & co are pretty much addicted too), which resulted in good news for me, because the wedge became a S2A classic often launched in wonderful prints & colours. My initial love however, started with the original exemplar... so I survived the temptation to buy leopard printed ones and just decided to stick with the very combinable Oak coloured Buckle Classic V2...

Ohh and yeah...for the record, they are extremely comfy and I usually fit into a 39,5 but my S2A shoesize is a 39. 




S2A_wedge_tiany-01 S2A_wedge_tiany-09

-Hoss Intropia dress worn as skirt

-COS cable swaeter

-COS belt

-H&M necklace

-Hermès bracelet

-S2A wedges

S2A_wedge_tiany-02 S2A_wedge_tiany-04

S2A_wedge_tiany-03 S2A_wedge_tiany-05

-Zara white maxi & lace dress

-Zara military jacket

-Hoss Intropia belt

-Hermès & Tods bracelet

-YSL ring

-S2A wedges

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