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The incredi-sandals…the sequal

Door Tiany op 18.04.2011

During one of my many intergalactic adventures (mostly situated somewhere between 1am and 2am) I bumped into these incredible sandals made by ab fab Italian designer Marni. I could not resist and ordered the beauties without blinking an eye. 

It turns out I may have done the best investment ever, as my feet feel pretty comfy in the +9 cm colourful sandals that seem to assort my wardrobe pretty damn well and as you guys have reacted in an amazing positive way. Hurray, I may say for the enrichment of my biggest addiction and just in case you were wondering... I bought them at the at a reasonable outlet price, which pretty much doubles the pleasure and morally allows me to buy another pair... doesn't it?  


tianyjustincase-04 tianyjustincase-05


-Rebecca Taylor flower dress

-Just In Case vest

-Marni wedges

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