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BFF’s Poppy & Alexa

Door Kim op 18.07.2014

2 it-girls met een killer sense of style en gelijkaardige interesses, je zou denken dat ze liever elkaars ogen uitkrabben - maar niets is minder waar voor Poppy Delevingne en Alexa Chung. Het duo leerde elkaar zo'n 10 jaar geleden kennen toen ze nog werkten als model en hun gemeenschappelijke search of fun en positieve ingesteldheid zorgde ervoor dat hun vriendschap bleef bestaan tot de dag van vandaag. Poppy vertelt uitgebreid over haar vriendschap met Alexa in The Edit, oftewel het magazine van online luxeshop Net-A-Porter.

"The key to being friends with Alexa is that, as she puts it, she has a low attention span, so she needs to be kept on her pretty little toes. It appeals to her that I’m always searching for fun and I’m told I can be quite persuasive. We get to do wonderful things as part of our jobs, but while we take our careers seriously, we don’t like to take life too seriously. A bucket of salt will always suffice."

En jup, zelfs Poppy is jaloers op de styling kwaliteiten van Alexa.

"And I’ll tell you what else is great about going away with her: she really makes you up your wardrobe game. Me, I always pack to excess. I’ll bring a suitcase the size of a dining table and still wear the same jeans, Converse and hideous sweater I’ve owned since I was 13. She, on the other hand, will bring a suitcase the size of a piece of calamari and yet each day she’ll wear something mouth-wateringly stylish."

"We’re very supportive of each other though: I’m always so interested in what she’s doing. I don’t understand women who don’t encourage each other; I don’t understand that green-eyed monster. You get so much more out of life by being supportive and having loving friends who are there for you."

Poppy over hoe de aanwezigheid van haar kleine, beroemde zusje Cara haar geleerd heeft te relativeren.

"When it comes to work, I’m not competitive at all. Having Cara as my baby, I had to learn quite quickly that I couldn’t be competitive because I had a sister who meant more to me. And I knew she was going to be brilliant, so I had to become very aware of not comparing."

Foto's © Net-A-Porter.

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