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From Miss Dior with Kirilove

Door Tiany op 21.11.2013

2013 seems to be my lucky Dior year. Besides having experienced a magnificent 2 days with Dior in Cannes, I was also lucky enough to get invited to attend the launch of the amazing Miss Dior exhibition in Paris… my tales of an enchanting fragrance are to be read below.

“Make me a fragrance that smells of LOVE” dixit Christian Dior

Wearing a Jean Paul Lespagnard jumper in the private rooms of Dior

Dior has a great habit of plunging you into a total experience you’ll never forget and before being invited to the preview of the Miss Dior expo, a select group of bloggers from all over the world experienced an exclusive olfactive workshop with François Demachy, Dior’s Perfume creator and one of the most talented & reputed  “noses’ in the world of perfume. We learned about the many ingredients that Miss Dior is composed of and were challenged in our own capacity of smelling… not the easiest task and apparently one that can be best exercised before lunch as senses are at their very best then.

Miss Dior turns out to be a delicate mixture of the finest raw materials recollected from all over the world. Its bouquet opens with the top notes of Sicilian mandarin, on our further journey trough Miss Dior we meet with the very heart, which is composed of Tunisian jasmine and roses from Bulgaria and then the base notes come alive revealing their divine mixture of vanilla and patchouli from Indonesia. The world in a bottle you could say and a scent that has veiled many women over the past years including great style icons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren.

Striking a pose with François Demachy 

“Perfume is the indispensible complement to a woman and the finishing touch to a dress” dixit Christian Dior

Christian Dior created Miss Dior in 1947, as he wanted to create a fragrance that would evoke the spirit of elegance of the maison. To Dior his perfume was the immaterial expression of style and the perfect way to see his dresses rise out of the bottle and on to beautiful women to clad them in a trail of desire

The Iconic Miss Dior bottle

At a certain point in life we’ve all encountered the Miss Dior bottle, which has become an icon because of its delicate metallic bow and the omnipresent hounds tooth print, which is an emblem of the Maison Dior.

Back in the very beginning, Miss Dior was bottled in Baccarat crystal shaped and inspired by the abundant volumes of the so-called New Look style that was introduced by Mr. Dior himself. The bow was originally made of satin, but the hounds tooth remained the same.

It’s this iconic bottle and the scent of Miss Dior that inspired 15 female artists to contribute to the creation of this exceptional exhibition. So please, if you can… do jump on a train or hop into a car and pay the Parisian Grand Palais a visit. You’ll be plunged into the fabulous world of Miss Dior and you’ll also be able to have a peek at Mr. Dior’s impressive art collection. Because after all Christian Dior was an art dealer and a great friend of many known artists, but because of the recession he was forced to work and started sketching fashion, which turned out to be his great talent, as we all know.

The Miss Dior expo held at the Petit Palais is free of charge and you can still visit it till November 25.



The lovely ladies of Team Dior Belgium and Mister Montasar, many thanks for yet another amazing Dior experience.


-Red lace dress by Self-Portrait

-Balenciaga shoes

-Delvaux bag

-Cartier Love Bracelet

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