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My best Amigo: the Brussels escape

Door Tiany op 20.03.2013

I’ve decided to make it a habit to be a tourist in my own country a bit more often. Because really, there are cities we frequent during job hours, in a rush… so you actually don’t get to see much of them, when in fact they have so much to offer.

So to optimize my precious moments of family time, the hubby, the mini’s and me spent a lovely weekend in Brussels. We decided to book a room in one of Brussels’ most legendary hotels, the renowned Hotel Amigo, which over the years has housed celebrity guests from all over the world. Think Tina Turner, Robbie Williams, Nicole Kidman and so many more… Amigo is one of those grand hotels that has you feeling like some kind of royalty from the very moment you step onto the premises. So yes, I totally enjoyed a weekend of room service and being spoiled to the bone… Nothing wrong with that every once in a while!

What to do in the near surroundings of Amigo?

- Trust me, if you have kids everything is new and exciting, so visiting De Grote Markt and Manneken Pis were great plans and to tell you the truth… it were 2 spots I had never ever before witnessed in a ‘relax’ situation.

- Karthuizerstraat is probably one of my favorite streets in Brussels, housing shops such as Hunting & Collecting, known for its unique selection of brands for men and women and my all time favorite vintage store Isabelle Bajart. Isabelle has a lovely and fine selection of vintage goodies very well presented in a lovely little boutique that makes you want to buy them all. There’s also Blender 01 that houses truckloads of fun and original things that will make your life just that tad bit better.

- Prive Joke has been on my radar for ages as I used to frequent it with my husband back in the days we kind of lived in Brussels. It has always been the ideal shop for fashion conscious men and it still is.

Dansaert Surroundings

In case you have been living in some God forgotten grotto, the Dansaertstreet is one of the loveliest streets you can find in Brussels, besides the near surroundings of Brugmann.

Dansaert houses a wide range of brands and lovely boutiques such as Hatshoe, Stijl, Icon, the Marc Jacobs shop, Carine Gilson and so much more… It’s your one stop-shopping street and for those of you in search of a little bite… check these out:

Noordzee: fish yummies and a good glass of white wine, it’s a quick bite and you just eat at the counter which is actually on the street.

De Markten: easy does it and just ideal for a little cup of soup, a salad or a lovely loaf of bread.

Or: the place to be for a great soy milk latte and if you’re a bagel fan, please don’t hesitate!

Choco-holics like me will be delighted to know that you can find the royal deliverer of chocolates nearby Hotel Amigo… Let me introduce you to Mary, the most delicious little shop in town.

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