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My Kirilove Week: SuperTrash, Stockholm & Ombre fresh-up

Door Tiany op 05.02.2012

And again, a busy week of fashion has become Kirilove history, just as promised I've been Instagramming my adventures away and I hereby would love to share some of my most favorite moments with you...

It all started last Saturday from having an amazing show and even more amazing party chez SuperTrash to my favorite armswag of the moment which is a vintage Nina Ricci. My dearest dad who is totally into antiques and often hunting down some amazing jewels, found this exclusive item for me... my dearest bro has made buying and selling antiques his job and he teases me every once in a while with the most amazing pieces, still have to show you some of the items he's sold me and promise you I soon will.

So yes the Kloosterstraat has a lot of lovely vintage shops to offer, but they're most of the time way too overpriced. My advice... go check out the Antiques Market in Brecht (Ambachtslaan 3), there is this hangar open on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings and amazing finds, certainly if you're about to do some interior decorations...

I took a flight to Stockholm on Tuesday to attend the very first edition of the H&M Design Awards, it was cold to the bone, but amazing. Stay tuned as I'll be showing you some more catwalk images this week  and a tiny bit of Stockholm...

A lot of you have been questioning my ombre hair, so here it is again...  I've been crazy about ombre for a year now and the color has gradually changed... Ombre is not the easiest technique and truth is a lot of hairdressers just do it wrong and leave a kind of horizontal stripe all along your hair. I've been visiting the same lady for 12 years now and yes Lyza Michiels is the one and only woman that is allowed to touch the color of my hair. She's my one and only colorist and in the meantime a lot of my friends have become clients chez Lafayette. This lady has got golden hands and she's way too talented and therefor also one of the creative players behind the scenes chez Redken.   

Just an idea and something I've been doing lately is cleaning up my closet. I've decided to sell some shoes and bags and yes that means designer stuff. I'm not sure yet how to do it and have been adviced to use, suggestions are welcome, so bring it on... and for the interested amongst you: I'm talking Miu Miu, Prada, Tods, Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and more. #size39

You can follow me on Instagram, my name is Tiany Kirilove. If you don't have an iPhone and want to see my pictures, please just click on the above pics.

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