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Pretty in Pastel and Dior’s Garden Party

Door Tiany op 30.03.2012

My beloved fashionista's, you girls are so on track and already so very aware and rocking the pastel pretty colors that I might sound like an old dino repeating a trend that is all over the place. But still, I couldn't resist to just briing in the pastels once more although this time I'm talking make-up and the pretty colors available chez Dior. The Dior Garden Party Collection has been available for a while, but my head was still in winter mode and had no intentions of already going pastel on the make-up... that has changed and now I'm eager to apply all these pretty colors, all at the same time, or would that be a bad idea now?

All above items via My Theresa

The entire Garden Party Collection by Dior

I kid you not, but the lovely nailpolish smells of flowers... heavenly!

Diorskin Rosy Glow in Petal

Because pink blushes really are the secret to looking fresh and pretty. Trust me it looks so much better than orange hues.

Must-have Dior Garden Clutch 

I've been collecting the Dior must-have for so many seasons now and I am certainly intending to add  this pretty little minaudière to my collection!

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