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I can Bobbi Brown!

Door Tiany op 07.02.2012

So besides having this addiction to fashion, I've grown up to become Belmodo's biggest beauty afficionado, with a bathroom cabinet stuffed with lotions & potions and a daily routine that's supposed to keep me young for ages... I swear to God, I smear obsessively and am continously testing the most outrageous products that either give me a wild rash or this super soft and smooth baby complexion... 

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited to experience Bobbi Brown, which finally has landed in Belgium with an ab fab shop next to Cosmeticary in Brussels (A Ortsstraat ). Me, myself and I got this exclusive session with the very charming Eduardo Ferreira (he's like Bobbi's right hand) who transformed my face into utter beauty in about 15 minutes. I was amazed and hereby would like to request a Mr Eduardo each and every day... any chances that might happen in my lifetime?So, I already had a small addiction for all things Bobbi, but after this encounter with Mr Ferreira, I've been totally converted and now belong to the delightful Brown religion and so I had no other choice than to leave the shop with a stash of products that I've been using ever since.

First of all there's the concealer, usually not my favourite product, but things have changed as the Brown concealer is filled with some puffiness vanishing product that has me looking instantly fresher, Eureka! So apparently the concealers all contain a bit of yellow to neautralize all kinds of unwanted colors beneath the eye zone, however don't leave la casa with only a concealer, unless your planning to introduce a new kind of  goof.

So I'm 30 seconds further in my routine and I continue by just adding some of the delightful Tinted Moisturizing Balm, which is actually a hydrating colored cream that has you looking great within the minute. For those days of the month my skin is rather confused because of these annoying hormones, Bobbi has created these even more amazing correctors, which are efficient and packed in a handy stick...ideal just to carry aroud in your bag. 2 minutes and I look well-rested, with an even skin tone and ready to rumble. Just to finish up my routine I add some Creamy Lip Color lipstick -which actually also moisturizes my lips- and some creamy blush 


Tips & tricks in a nutshell

-Test your foundation color on your forehead, if it blends, it's theright color.

-The legendary Bobbi Brown eyeliner is a gel structure that you just dot on your eyes, don't go for fluid lines, just DOT it on with your little eyeliner brush, that reminds me of the fact that Bobbi Brown brushes always mention what they do, so you will no longer confuse your lipbrush with an eyeshadow one.

-You smile, you blush... so just put on a smile and then add a dash of blush on your cheeks, it will make it look more natural.

-Powder is ok as long as you only use in on your T-zone... you don't wanna look matte all the way.

-Don't forget your brows, as they define your face


Wanna get all Bobbi'ed up? Please do and visit their shop for some amazing and for free make-up lessons:

*Instant Pretty: cause all you need is 5 minutes a day to look amazabelles according to Bobbi... I've become a believer!

*Smokey Eyes: ehhhh... it's a classic, so don't hesitate

*Cheek & Lips: get your bright colors right, you'll be needing some of that this summer

*Secret to Perfect Skin: cause there is a secret to pretty glowy looking skin and luckily Bobbi is willing to share it with you!

*Make-up Facelift: forget botox, Bobbi invented a perfect make-up for each and every age. 

and for them advanced make-up ladies amongt you, they also have a series of sessions which require a fee... which are also more than worth their money

*Pretty Powerful Make-up Lessons: famous & legendary 10 steps plan to Bobbi beauty... It's totally you, but even better. So this workshop will teach you all you need to know about the prettier you. (55 euro for a 45 min. workshop)

*Everything Brows: because brows are defining, you should know how to take care of them and how to revamp them (25 euro for 20 min., including brow epilation)

*Special Occasion: just to look more than great on that special event... think wedding, ab fab glam event or  

Ohh check out the new Bobbi Brown Nude collection... pretty perfect if you ask me.

more info: just check out Bobbi's website


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