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The Kirilove Beautycase

Door Tiany op 18.12.2011

Ok, so I'm a beauty freak with an extended and meticulous morning and evening routine adapted to each and every season and deigned to retain and mantain my quite well preserved skin. I guess I started smearing lotions and potions at the age of 15 because mommy dear told me so. I still remember this sticky Helena Rubinstein Orange cream and the ever so iconic blue Nivea pomade, the 2 creams that triggered my beauty affection. Later years were followed by liters of Clinique's 3 step treatment and my first loan ever was partly donated to the Chanel, La Mer, La Prairie and Sisley foundation. I've had my share of beauty products, scrubs and masks, beautysalons and treatments and after having tried almost everything... I hereby introduce you to my beloved beautycase and it's standard products. 

Ohh yeah... I go all the way! I cleanse, scrub, add lotions & eyecreams and serums and moiturizers on a daily base and the drill has become such a routine that I manage to get the job done in less than 5 minutes. 


I have this combination skin that can be terribly dry and very sensible, but I also have these rashes every now and then, that's why I love how the Effaclar range works on my skin and clenses it thoroughly. I also am addicted to Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant, which in fact is a scrub you should use on a daily base.

Just before bed, I use the Eve Lom Cleanser, which is one of the most amazing products I know, it's kind of an oily paste that removes all traces of make-up and whatever might have been left of the day. You use it with this special cloth and after cleansing you don't even need to apply a moiturizer. (Eve Lom availabe at


I've been hooked on ApoT.Care for quite a while right now... I'm a fan of the serum, the day cream and the eye cream as it really leaves my skin all moiturized and feeling comfy... However, sometimes cold weather really menaces my skin leaving it all scabby and that's when Clinique's Comfort on Call comes into the plan to sooth it.

Just so you know:

Beauty goodies are extremely personal: sorry babes, you'll just have to go through some trial and error to be able to find your perfect match.

Your skin gets used to lotions & potions, so you really have to rotate your products every now and then...

Different seasons require different products, well at least my skin just doesn't dig the same type of cream all year round.

Beauty goodies do have an expiration date, so clean your stash every once in a while.

Lady Friend Anne P, infected me with her addiction for nailpolish and this is just part of my collection as bottles in different colors are scattered all over my house...

On my list of try out beauty goodies: the brand new Radical Skincare Range. I'm also a sucker for al things Aésop, Australian, totally natural and amazingly good for your skin!

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