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Foto © #WCD14

#WCD14 Bart Roman

Bart Roman
Foto © Bart Roman

#WCD14 John Noseda

John Noseda
Foto © John Noseda

#WCD14 Thomas Van Hoof

Thomas Van Hoof
Foto © Thomas Van Hoof

#WCD14 Julie De Rouck

Julie De Rouck
Foto © Julie De Rouck

#WCD14 Diederik Serlet

Diederik Serlet
Foto © Diederik Serlet

#WCD14 Laura Praet

Laura Praet
Foto © Laura Praet

#WCD14 Benjamin Van Oost

Benjamin Van Oost
Foto © Benjamin Van Oost

#WCD14 Bruno Schaubroeck

Bruno Schaubroeck
Foto © Bruno Schaubroeck

#WCD14 Philippe Fontana

Philippe Fontana
Foto © Philippe Fontana

#WCD14 Elisabeth Ouni

Elisabeth Ouni
Foto © Elisabeth Ouni


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Geschreven door Elisabeth Ouini

Last summer, a brand new beach festival debuted the Belgian festival scene and caused quite the buzz ….

The notorious WECANDANCE FESTIVAL (which recently won 2 Red Bull Electropedia Awards for Best Breakthrough Festival & Best Artwork /Marc Meulemans Award) is 1 of my clients, so for my last Belmodo feature I decided to take you behind the scenes of this festival and introduce you to the core WECANDANCE team.

WECANDANCE is created by Bart Roman, John Noseda & Thomas Van Hoof. The business partners behind Club Magic Antwerp, Kitsch Club Knokke & Club 69 Ghent.


Foodlover, healthfreak and highly passionate about both his nightlife and daytime endeavors, Bart Roman might possibly be the throbbing heart of the WECANDANCE FESTIVAL. Always looking to see his visions and ideas come to life in his projects, this entrepreneur is probably responsible for quite a few amazing nights and events you attended in the last few years and the next ones to come! At WECANDANCE Bart makes sure every little thing fits together like a glove.


Also known as his DJ Alias Mr Moustache, this international party jet setter, nightlife connaisseur and grand socialite, John Noseda is quite the persona. House Music is probably his 1st love, so needless to say John takes care of the planning and booking of the music schedule that is provided at WECANDANCE. John graduated as a movie director(yes, yes) so you can find him both behind the camera as in front. John is also extremely good in throwing that insane themed party and takes it next level with decor, props and the right party people.


No this is not the secret 3rd Hemsworth brother, although this young blond god could easily be casted for the next Thor movie. Thomas Van Hoof rolled into the nightlife and entertainment business from a very young age, so you can label him as the young wolf of the pack. Thomas takes care of the general graphic design work for both WCD, as Kitsch, Club 69 and Magic.


Accountancy, general production, 69 club manager, you name it, this ginger fox does it all, and she does it HARD. You don’t want to mess with this woman, Julie goes straight to the point and makes sure everything that doesn’t run smoothly WILL run smoothly in no time. Julie is responsible for the general production part at the WCD festival and also takes everything that has to do with the WCD artists under her wings, so GET OUT OF THE WAY when she passes by, she got work to do!


 Art-Director Diederik Serlet (DiDi for friends) is responsible for the general look and feel of the WECANDANCE festival when it comes to layout, typo and overall artwork. With clients like Villa Eugenie, Glenn Sestig, Rio Store & Renaissance Antwerp to name a few, it comes as no surprise that his graphic identity work for the WECANDANCE festival was rewarded with a Red Bull Elektropedia Award for Best Artwork. Since Didi is a member of the Villa Eugénie creative cell, if you are an A-lister you probably received some amazing looking invitation made by Didi without even realizing it!


The beautiful Laura Praet currently works as a freelance researcher for Villa Eugénie and works together with photographer & director Virgili Jubero,( assisting him on everything in the styling department. Laura also worked as a fashion editior for Amnesia Magazine. (Ibiza) At the WECANDANCE festival, together with Benjamin Van Hoof, Laura is responsible for that specific WECANDANCE atmosphere when it comes to the look and feel of the stages and festival booths.


Benjamin Van Oost is co-founder of TOYKYO productions and art director/sculptor at CASE STUDYO and just recently released his very own jewelry brand called LOVECRAFT. Also a member from the Villa Eugénie creative collective, Benjamin assisted his skills on many high level fashion shows when it comes to stage setting and decoration. Together with Laura Praet, Benjamin is co-responsible for all the crazy artwork and constructions you saw at last years WECANDANCE festival.


Leave it up to a man with a company called WE MAKE YOU HAPPY to make sure the WECANDANCE festival actually is a fact. All the creative ideas aside, nothing will happen if there is nobody to set the entire festival up and get it up and running, make it functional ànd safe! Bruno is responsible for all that and more at the WECANDANCE festival as the head of the festival production team.


Together with Bruno, Philippe is responsible for the total site production of WECANDANCE. From building the site up to breaking it down, until the last confetti is removed from the beaches of Zeebrugge this man is in charge of it. Philippe co-ordinates everything from suppliers to timings and makes sure everything that has to do with sound and lights at the festival is on-point and ready to blast.

So what do I do at WECANDANCE?

Well, I’m in charge of the general communication flow, all things PR & Press related and I also assist on both the festival brand partnerships as consult on the urban line-up at WCD. A handful indeed!

WECANDANCE is currently preparing the 2nd edition of the festival and all I can say is … things look pretty damn exiting.

So … who’s ready for #WCD14? wink

See you all at the beautiful beach of Zeebrugge!



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